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Decrease communication friction and future-proof your clients' internal and External communication channels

Prior to 2020, most companies saw remote work and sales tools as an after thought, using disparate tools such as Teams, Zoom, GoTo, for meetings and collaborating. Not anymore.

Join MSPs and Agencies who are now leveraging Markee and bundling solutions bring ownership back to their clients brands.

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Why Partner with Markee?

Markee is the only highly customizable white label communication tool for teams and individuals to create unique, easy to access, interactive spaces for both internal and external use. Markee simultaneously provides solutions for large or small businesses looking to leverage collaboration spaces and meeting spaces of all types.

Through our simple deployment feature, Markee is able to provide similar functionality to that of Zoom or Slack with the the major added functionality of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration and file sharing in a clean and clear manner. Customizable interface and optional feature sets mean you can build unique experiences for your customers. Internal Spaces that can be quickly deployed externally or visa versa with a few clicks so you are never stuck with a sub-optimal solution.

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