April 22, 2022

1 min read

Video Chat: Troubleshooting

Check out the helpdesk article below and let us know if you still need support!

These quick steps fix most issues

Your browser is like any program or software, if you have not refreshed it in a while, you might need to!

  • Refresh the video chat page.
  • Quit your browser. Rather than just closing, make sure you have totally quit the program.
  • Try using Incognito or Private mode. Especially if you have browser extensions, like ad blockers. They can block your camera and microphone.
  • Try another browser. (Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  • Reboot. Most people don't have to do this. But it can be a fast fix if you don't want to spend time troubleshooting.

More on browser tests and packet loss

  • Your browser and operating system might not be talking to each other. Reloading, or rebooting, can clear out stalled network settings.
  • Incognito doesn't load your browser extensions. So, try Incognito, to clarify if an extension is blocking the video call from loading.
  • Even great networks can have packet loss. And its packet loss that's important to live media streaming. Try testing your connection with a public tool.