April 22, 2022

1 min read

Branding Your Markee

Check out the helpdesk article below and let us know if you still need support!

How do I brand my Markee?

To customize your Markee, on your left sidebar go to "Team & Settings" and then to the "Branding" tab. There you'll be able to change its name, logo, favicon, theme, font family and colors.

What kind of things can I change?

  • The “Name” will allow you to control what appears on the tab of the browser when people visit your site.
  • Your logo appears in the top left of your side bar and can be seen by your team and visitors.
  • The Favicon is the little image on the browser tab. Keep in mind to upload an image with a transparent background for it to look nicer!
  • When it comes to themes, pick anyone that you like and then feel free to change the main colors or fonts, making it your own.
  • 💡PRO TIP: Regarding the logo and dark mode, we recommend adding a white stroke or light color to your main logo, so it always looks great in any theme!

How do I switch to dark mode?

On the left sidebar, at the bottom, click on your name/avatar and a menu will appear. There, you just click "Enable Dark Mode" and that's it!

💡PRO TIP: Remember light and dark mode are user settings, not global!