Product Update

December 30, 2021

2 mins read

Introducing Markee v3.0

As you may (or may not) know, we have been tirelessly tinkering with our product to find the perfect balance of our feature sets. Based on 1000’s of pieces of feedback, we are excited to announce our latest iteration – Markee v3.0!

What is Markee 3.0?

3.0 is a standalone, streamlined and more intuitive version of Markee. It features:

  • A simplified navigation system for rooms

  • A meeting scheduler / invite system

  • A reinvented way to share rooms with internal and external users

  • Group private messaging

  • The ability to make private or group video calls

  • A new user interface that shows user locations in your space

  • A new file sharing system

  • Meeting history and chat history in each room

  • Custom themes each with light and dark mode

  • A centralized login system, allowing users to log in from or their own site

  • A new, cleaner branding menu

  • A limited freemium version

  • Over 20 more changes...

What have we lost?

You might be wondering to yourself where the mention of notes, streaming, or events are. At this time due to lack of customer interest we have decided to discontinue our development of certain feature sets until further notice. We believe there might be opportunities within 3.0 to reintroduce some features as customer appetite demands but have no concrete plans to do so. Markee 3.0 will see the following features removed:

  • Spaces — including space type

  • Event or ticketing related features

  • Broadcast mode / Streaming mode

  • Notes or pages within rooms (Replaced with files and links)

  • Complex User Permissions

Why did we do it?

As a relatively new product, just shy of 18 months, we have been rapidly iterating and working on our perfect fit with such a variety of different customers. Markee v2.0 allowed us to test the best of Markee with our customers, friends and prospects, which in turn allowed us to aggressively expand on our most used and liked feature sets. We believe that by focusing more narrowly on collaboration we will be able to deliver a better experience to our customers.

What to expect as a current customer?

As a current customer, we will continue to serve you with no lapse in service for the next 12 months. At that point we plan to discontinue v2.0. So there is no immediate worry. That said, we would love to help you migrate your existing users and customers from 2.0 to 3.0 and will do so free of charge. We believe that at least 90% of your needs will be met in the new product, but also understand that such a large change comes with a certain amount of friction. We would like to talk to each one of you. Please contact to arrange a conciliation.

Has pricing changed?

Yes, but for the better! Any pricing plans that you have will be grandfathered in and honored, but you are always welcome to migrate to our new pricing system should it make sense to your team! Markee now offers a freemium version with limited video time and no branding or custom domains. For all the branding and feature sets a simple $25 / month / team member or a discounted annual plan for those looking to save can be found. As always, guests and temporary guests will remain free of charge!

So, is there anything left to say?

It has been a remarkable ride thus far for the Markee Team. The team (wonderful human beings) and I (Craig - Cofounder) are absolutely grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We love this little product and can't wait to see what the future holds! Also, as always, reach out to if you have any questions – haha.

Best Regards,

Craig Doig

Cofounder -