Case Study Phillips Gilmore

April 12, 2021

2 mins read

White Labeled Event Spaces

Prior to Covid, most event organizers were selling digital events as a “value add” or after thought, occasionally using disparate tools such as Teams, Zoom, Goto, for private events and occasionally using platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Hopin, socio, and twitch. Agencies also attempted to leverage various custom development tools to create virtual events. Markee changes everything.

Event organizers and Agencies bringing their clientele virtual

While effective for certain types of meeting and events, other platforms lock customers into feature sets while providing moderate to no customization options, particularly in terms of quickly design and feature selection. This forces larger events to engage in custom web development should they require something unique. This also forces their customer into a box, they have a choice, $2,000 for a locked in platform or $15,000+ for a custom space per event with few solutions in-between.

Event organizers and agencies are looking for tools to add value beyond just platform operation. Markee allows event organizers to offer fully customizable interactive spaces that live on their customers' domains with all of their branding and feature needs. Allowing event organizers to become “virtual event creators”, curating the digital and live events while providing them a powerful value proposition.

Closer look: Phillips Gilmore Oncology Communications

Phillips Gillmore strives to provide scientifically accurate information and ideas that ultimately lead to clinically meaningful decisions and optimal care for people with cancer. Prior to Covid 19 they were hosting live events and conventions exclusively for their clients, typically large pharmaceuticals.

Before Markee PGO had little solutions for digital meetings, occasionally using Zoom or Uber conferencing. With the rush to bring events online, they found that their savvy pharmaceutical customers had very specific requirements in terms of functionality, customization, and security. Markee's simple customizable options have allowed them to spin up a variety of types of events all while conforming to their customer requirements. The best part for PGO is not having to spend thousands on custom web development work. The fact that it is white labeled means they are able to sell "events" to their customers and look like Rockstar techies at the same time! To top it all off, they are able to avoid those pesky "platform" fees on top of their Stripe account.

The Markee software showing a breakout space.

Why they use Markee?

We have a complete virtual meeting feature set

  • PGO hosts Client calls, 1 on 1, groups, and conferences all under the same roof

  • Easy access control allows them to carefully control who can see and do what

  • Human-readable URLs, no downloads or software to install make it easy for their diverse customer base to use the platform

It's a One-Stop Shop

  • PGO can share and keep client files in their main space or distribute in client specific spaces.

  • Their attendees can see meeting agendas and notes all in the same place

  • Internal and external chat features (that can be archived? Or downloaded? Stays with your space? However you want to word that), polls, Q&A - it’s all in one place

Its Fully Customizable

  • For PGO's clients it is important to control almost everything about how your space works and how it’s set up. Markee is committed to the Open Web. "Remove Markee Branding" isn't an extra feature—it's the whole point

  • PGO even takes advantage of Markee's custom CSS options to make their customer shine

PGO's audience is theirs, your customers are yours, your signups are yours, not ours. Your meetings, your way.