Product Update

April 15, 2021

1 min read

Digitizing Sales and Support

Markee can provide centralized “CRM Spaces” for sale operations and customer support to engage across complex sales and support cycles. Markee will centralize the sales process into one simple location per customer, sales person, or however you'd like it!

A Closer Look: Small businesses

Below is an example of how Markee can be leveraged to increase customer engagement and turn those multiple touch sales cycles into long term business opportunities.

Without Markee:

  • Currently cold calling and then doing a 3 step sales on boarding through email, zoom and custom web portal.

  • Small business state creates 1-3 documents per call while sharing the screen.

  • Typically they don’t “leave behind” the documents and the customer has to request them via email. These documents are then lost or not transferred to the customer.

  • After establishing a relationship before the customer “signs up” there is no centralized meeting space or customer document portal that includes a way to chat before you are signed up as a customer.

  • Once customers are captured they have a centralized space to track expenses and share sensitive documents. But again no centralized communication tool to accompany.

With Markee:

  • Small business could implement the initial on-boarding conversations on Markee, leaving all documents and follow up instructions in one place. (

  • Small business could create a template or duplicate a new space for each customer with all documents preloaded as well as the Q&A pre-answered with all documents there on the page.

  • Each space can be customized per “type of customer” or “sales person” so that spinning up a new one could be done in a matter of seconds.

  • Once the process was finished, documents can continue to be populated and the meeting space can still be used for each customer.

  • They could also integrate or provide centralized links to all of the various accounts the customer would be using during the relationship.