Product Update

June 6, 2021

7 mins read

2.1 User Roles, Tagging, Knocking, and more...

In this release we've added an entirely new permissions system and the ability to tag others within your spaces. In addition to those two major changes we will be patching several other large changes in quick succession! Check out the details below:

User Roles (2.1)

This is a big one! User Roles sounds pretty simple but it comes with dozens of new features and concepts that we have worked carefully to craft to take Markee to the next level. Check out the video below for a detailed explanation of these new features. In short this update brings:

Global User Roles

We have now added Global user roles to Markee. This means we now define how users are classified across entire Sites / Domains. This means that you can finally add new "admins" yourself, which we are calling "Hosts". You can also add new attendees which are now called "Guests".

When you add a user at the Site level this will define general permissions at only the Site level based on their Global User Role. This will not add them to any specific Spaces, you can do that later at the Space level.

When you add a user at the Space level it will grant that user access to the Space based on the "User Group" permissions (Discussed below). You will see that user turn up at the Site level, however you will still need to decide what other Spaces you'd like to add them to, if any.

The Global user groups you can select from and their settings are as follows:

  • SuperHost: Can manage Site level settings, manage Spaces, and invite new Hosts or Guests to the site.
  • Host: Can manage Spaces and invite new Guests to the Site.
  • Guest: Can view public spaces and spaces they are registered to.

Add Users with Email Invites

We heard your voices and found a way to sneak this into this release. When you add a user to the Site and Space level, it will now send and automated email inviting that user to your space. They will simply click the link and sign up to create their account.

Space "Ownership"

One of the by-products of creating robust user systems is providing a more granular way to control the Spaces you create and who has access to them. That said, we have decided to introduce an entirely new way to think about your Spaces. From now on when you create a Space you will become the "Owner" of that Space. Meaning you can decide who else can access or edit your Space, including those within your organization. To allow others to access or edit, you simply need to add them to your space in the new "Access" settings you will find at the bottom of the Sidebar. Here are few key things to remember about the new Owner feature:

  • Who can own a space? Only Hosts and SuperHosts.
  • Can my team access my space? By default only if you set up a "Team Space". You will be able to define what they can do in your space however.
  • Can the public access my space, if so what can they do? Only if you decide to make a public space. By default anyone outside of your organization will be restricted to view only settings.
  • Have events changed at all? No, however you are working on an event with multiple people you will need to give them access through the new permission settings.
  • What happens if we need to remove a user? Don't worry, you can transfer those Spaces to another Host!

Space Types & Access

When you create a new space in Markee, we will now ask you to define the type of space you are creating. This will do three things: set the default access settings, set the visibility of the space in the directory, and create a set of "Groups" in the new access panel (More on this below). This will allow you to have some elegant defaults to start with as you decide how you want to define access to your space.

  • Private: Only the people you invite can access this space.
  • Team: All Hosts on the site can access this space.
  • Public: Hosts and anyone with the link will be able to access.
  • Event: Registration, ticketing, event features enabled.

User Groups

When you create a Space, each will come with a set few preset groups, which you will be able to modify the permissions of to your needs. This will allow you to define access and abilities within the space without having to apply them to each user individually. There are 2 types of groups:

  • Default Groups - These must be defined based on the type of space you select!
  • Custom Groups - You can add as many or as little groups as you need based on the needs of your space. This is super helpful for defining access of Event tickets. Test it out!


After you have created a new Space, you will be able to define the permissions of any of these groups. The following are the permissions you can define:

Visibility: This allows you to define who can see who in your space.

  • Full: Users can see all other users in the space
  • Half: Users can see Hosts
  • None: Users can see no one.


  • Full: Can use the collaboration tools
  • None: Can view only

Chat: This only affects "public" chats inside of the HomeRoom or Rooms.

  • Full: Users can see all other users in the space
  • Half: View only
  • None: No access

Manage: Only SuperHosts and Host will be allowed to use Manage Settings.

  • Full: Invite to Stage, Broadcast, Ticketing & Registration, Manage Users, Create Rooms
  • Half: Invite to Stage, Broadcast, Manage Forums (Q&A), Manage Polls
  • None: View Only

Define Room access

You can now define whether or not certain Groups have access to a specific room or not. You will find these settings both in the room and at the Space Access settings.

Banning / Kicking

At the site level you will be able to click the menu beside each user and select whether you would like to "Delete" or Ban the user. This will ban the user from the entire Site, and is undoable.

At the space level you will be able to ban the user from the site bar, or the Access menu. This will ban the user from the Space only, and is undoable.

Importing Users from a Spread Sheet or Other Spaces

At the space level, you are now able to hit the drop down menu next to the invite button and "Import" a user group. You will have two options, either import a group from another Space or Import from a spreadsheet. This is a simple way to add bulk users quickly!

Video Explainer of User Roles:

Tagging people (2.1)

This has been our most requested features and we are so happy to finally debut it. Like most tagging systems it is pretty self explanatory but here are a few key notes:

  • How do I use this feature? Type the @ symbol in the chat to start tagging.
  • Where can I use this feature? Initially this will work in the "General Chats" and we will slowly add it to the editor, Q&A, Polling, ECT! Look out for those updates!
  • Who can I tag? You can tag: @everyone, @user_name, @group_name.
  • Who is @everyone going to notify? Only members of that space, you cannot tag @everyone at the "Site" level.
  • What happens when I tag someone? They will get a notification, this will bring them to the message and highlight it!

Video Explainer of Tagging:

Added Emoji and GIFs to the Chat

Minor Improvements

  • Added hover-state to chat messages and only show the hearts/trash when needed
  • Fixed details on dark-mode theme
  • Changed the chat so that it looks like the design on mobile
  • Added a little A→Z / Z→A to the sorting icon
  • Merge duplicate tags
  • Tags are now working in real time
  • Changed the orientation of the infinite scroll in chat.
  • Fixed error when posting date
  • Fixed error if you open the call on fullscreen and then you exit fullscreen by hitting the esc key, the full screen button won't change the icon
  • Changed the images on the gallery view so that they keep the aspect ratio when the screen is resized.
  • When you have multiple windows open and you have a private chat opened. You now get your own messages on both windows
  • When clicking a user to chat with, the chat is opened only once now
  • Fixed notification pagination
  • Fixed error when you clicked the home button on an space the chat disappeared
  • Fixed error when you clicked a room button on an space the chat disappeared
  • Camera is now off when entering a chat room
  • Time-stamps added to private chat
  • Fixed error when you send a private chat the latest texts uses the same time that the first text that you send. If you refresh the site the time its correct
  • Added "{name} is typing" message on the general chat...
  • Fixed styles, when someone is typing, that all the messages move to the top
  • Fixed duplicates happening after 30 seconds in chat
  • When we push a new messages we check if that messages is already on the list and if its on the list we skip it
  • Fixed when you have a chat open and refresh the page it disappears
  • Applied Markee scroll styles to all native scrollers
  • New confirmation design
  • Add dropdown to get list of rooms
  • Duplicate rooms options
  • Internet Explorer warning - suggests a new compatible browser
  • Ability to change fonts in Customization
  • User profile - new styles
  • Redesigned empty states