Product Update

April 21, 2021

4 mins read

Major Changes: 4.21.21 - Update 2.0

Major Changes:

🖥️ A whole new interface has arrived

You read that right, Markee got a make over and it's looking pretty sleek! We call this Markee 2.0, a fully fleshed out and fully re-thought interface. It includes a new sidebar, navigation, deployment system, and many more small improvements!

🗺️ The "Directory" page

The first thing you'll see when you sign in is a nice new Directory Page. This is a major departure from our old "root page" design as your entries will be built into searchable, taggable, and sortable cards. This should make organizing or finding your spaces that much easier!

You'll also notice a Sidebar on the left, which we will address below in more detail. But in regards to its functionality in the Directory Page, you will now be able to see all of your fellow admins as well as guests that have registered in any of your spaces. You will also be able to search and message them directly from this area as well! Also just in case you were wondering who can see what:

Admins: Can see other admins and guests from all spaces.

Guests: Can see other guests registered only to the same spaces they are!

🧳 The "Sidebar": Navigation and feature deployment

Navigation used to live in the center of the page underneath the video chat or banner. Now it lives to the left in the Sidebar. Here you can "show" or "hide" your tabs here as well rather than navigating to the admin panel to deploy features.

With this new addition of the Sidebar you can also edit the settings and do things that modify the entire room tab by using the configuration option.

📞 The new Communication Tab

User profiles will continue to live in a familiar looking tab, however you will notice several things have changed. You'll no longer add your profile details at the top of the bar but instead you click your profile picture in the upper right corner to access your

You will also notice that you can now private message other admins across spaces and guests when they are in other spaces!

🎆 The little action buttons multiplied and got more powerful

Last release we introduced the little + button and now we added some friends! We have various buttons across the space: Settings, Bulk editing, Adding items, and changing views are the main culprits! Experiment and let us know what you think!

🖱️ Tagging and managing filters

They can also be filtered or managed by clicking the filter button located under the toolbar. Remember only you can see your filters and sorting locally and your users and other guests will only see theirs locally!

Go wild and categorize things how you like and let your guests explore your spaces!

📹 Video Chat - Iframe Bar

There is a new settings and feature bar for the video portal.

All of the same fictionality of the previous options panel but now it's easier to control and know what state your in at any given time. Learn more about The Markee Video Portal.

🙈 The "follow along" video and text chat

The final major thing you might notice is the new video chat and text chat will follow you where you go, so you can stay in touch while you browse and collaborate!

🔤 "Live forever" native chats have arrived to Markee

Markee chat is one of the primary ways users communicate in spaces. However, you might have wanted a more flexible asynchronous way to communicate in rooms or across the platform. Well, now you have it! We have now introduced text chats to every room, not just the main stage. They live forever whether you are in the Video chat or not. No longer will you only communicate on the "main stage" but instead, manage your rooms how you want. This is huge!

🗃️ Drag and drop and Contextual editing right in the breakout room pages

Rather than entering all of your content into a mark down box, let's welcome Markee to 2021. We have implemented our very own block editor for your creative enjoyment. Throw in docs, files, or as always embed anything — even pesky productivity software! Try it our and show us your best integrations. :) Also feel free to edit the name and other key information by clicking directly onto the text.

📻 Broadcast mode in rooms

You can now Markee Broadcast inside of your rooms.

This allows you to have "webinar" type presentations in "rooms" not just on the main stage. Thanks to this addition you will now be able stream from 3rd parties into "rooms" as well as see a list of recordings, just like in your homeroom.

📂 Move materials to the right in rooms

The place where your materials lived within your rooms has been shifted to the left of the screen.

🖐🏿 De-emphasize share button

The button used to share the URL of your spaces has changed! Same fictionality, different look.

📊 Polling answers visible only to admins

Now only the admins/organizers can see who voted in the polls.

📨 Invite to any video chat — anywhere

Up until this release you were only able to invite to stage, however with the rebuilding of the video chat you are now able to invite anyone across your space to join you and start chatting!

🚦Status of Users

🔠 Ability to change fonts in customization

Minor Changes

Polls - Improvements

Replace spinners with skeleton screens

Implement new material field

Improve forms data builder

Move default contents Laravel's localization

BE - Merge rooms, sponsors and additional rooms into the same table

Write notifications test

Add notifications tooltips

Change CSS field to a code field

Enable ws signaling

Timeline Fixes

Make sponsors renamable Add profile modal to avatars.