March 16, 2022

4 mins read

Your Remote Office Collaboration Tools Might Be Holding Your Business Back

Does anyone truly know the cost of keeping employees and clients happy? Employee satisfaction most obviously comes in the form of compensation like benefits, salary, and vacation time. Client satisfaction used to just about delivering excellent service and products. In the era of the “Great Resignation,” however, employees are getting pickier in their list of demands, even to the point of turning down or leaving jobs strictly due to the business’s choice of remote office collaboration tools. Even client relationships are dominated by digital communication now, often leading to dissatisfaction with service. Suddenly, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your company is running on only the best of the best digital office collaboration platforms, such as Markee.

Employees Are Demanding Better Working Conditions–Even in Their Home Office

There has always been a power struggle between employers and employees. Business owners have what job seekers need–jobs. At the same time, businesses are nothing without their employees, so harmony in the workplace will always hang in the tricky balance of give and take. Of course, imbalances will always occur. Right now, employees are standing strong behind their demands of being comfortable in their workplace, even if that means they have to walk away.

With the domination of remote and hybrid work, workplace comfort no longer refers to office thermostats or the break room microwave. Instead, that comfort now relates to the virtual environment for remote workers. But what can possibly be so terrible about working for a company that uses the “wrong” remote office collaboration tools?

Turning down a job opportunity over the use of Slack or Teams would be unheard of only a few years ago. Now, employees understand just how detrimental outdated or unsatisfactory software tools can be to their productivity and mental health. Not only is running multiple half-helpful software tools on one device unorganized and a time-waster, but it can also lead to employee burnout–a leading cause of plummeting employee retention.

Left and right, candidates are turning down job offers if the remote office collaboration tools provided are outdated, clunky, or ill-fit for their responsibilities. Offering a comprehensive, simple digital communication tool like Markee can help you land your top choice candidates and improve employee retention.

How Do You Pick the Right Collaboration Tool for Your Business?

After the huge migration from in-office work to remote work at the dawn of COVID, businesses scrambled to pull together their current workflow tools with new platforms that could fill in the gaps caused by virtual collaboration. Computer screens became cluttered with windows and tabs, connection speeds and device memory space faltered under the pressure, and employees lost hours of their day scrolling across platforms to find that one missing conversation or document.

At the same time, many businesses are frequently asking their clients to register, download, and learn new tools for communication and receiving services. Emails, online chats, and file-sharing services have taken over what could once be more easily communicated in person. Businesses who’ve had too many strokes of bad luck with their choices of virtual tools are losing their customer base to other more tech-savvy competitors.

Of course, everyone has their favorite tools, just like each person has their favorite way to make coffee. Someone who lives and dies by Zoom won’t want to also download and learn Slack, Teams, or Skype. However, employees can be persuaded to leave their favorite tools behind once they learn that their business is consolidating all of the remote work tools into one user-friendly and comprehensive virtual platform. Clients will be excited to find out that they can access customer service, meetings, and important information in one secure and branded space. Finding the right collaboration tool means implementing one SaaS provider that does it all so simply that everyone will be asking, “Zoom who?”

For instance, Markee is a virtual collaboration tool explicitly created for the post-COVID business world. The platform works in your browser so you’ll never have to download anything, and it allows you to clear out all the other software tools cluttering your laptop and windows for good. Markee is both a Zoom alternative and a Slack alternative because it combines the best features from all the most popular remote work platforms: video call, chat, share files, and invite collaborators all in one window–every conversation, file, and tool you need is all ready for you in one organized space.

Be the Retention Hero When It Comes to Workplace Technology

Now that hybrid and remote work are settling in for good, businesses that haven’t yet caught up to the new remote landscape with an ironed-out digital workflow are sending red flags to candidates and clients, whether they realize it or not. Clients and employees alike will resent every extra click, download request, or confusing video chat URL you send them. Difficult barriers to client and employee onboarding, such as learning multiple platforms, could scare away new business opportunities and stunt your growth tremendously.

Markee can change all that: create chatrooms in seconds, connect to your own unique domain, quickly schedule meetings in just a few clicks, and see your teams’ location within the virtual workspace at a glance. Cultivate a sense of camaraderie and pride in one’s workplace with casual chatrooms and unique branding capabilities that other businesses miss with their current software tools. The technology you use at work does matter–making sure that it is comprehensive, user-friendly, and beneficial to employee and client happiness is just as important as salary, vacation time, and company culture.

Get started with a free trial of Markee to experience how this remote office collaboration tool can revolutionize the workplace and make your business the talk of the town.