May 21, 2021

2 mins read

Virtual Meeting & Event Glossary Pt. 2

When it comes to online events, there’s a lot of lingo that’s thrown around – and we want to make sure that you’re in the know! This is part 2 of our glossary where we’ll go over all the buzzwords you need to know to hold a successful online event – or…at least fake it…

General Event Lingo

Plenary Session: This is a session that everyone attends. A Keynote is considered a plenary session, but not all plenary sessions are keynotes! (Unnecessarily confusing, we know…) The term is used most often in meetings that also include time spent working in smaller groups.

Roundtable: A session featuring a group discussion of a subject where everybody has equal chance to express their opinion. This type of session typically gathers experts who can discuss the topic at hand from all points of view. Roundtable discussions tend to be a less formal and more conversational than panel discussions (definition below).

Panel discussion: In this type of session, a moderator leads a panel of experts through a discussion about a specific topic. amongst a selected group of panelists who share differing perspectives in front of a large audience. The panel is typically facilitated by a “moderator” who guides the panel and the audience through the session.

Break-Out Sessions: These are concurrent, small group sessions, panels, workshops or presentations within your event, formed to focus on specific subjects. You don’t have to give up breakout sessions for your online event! Markee makes it easy customizable virtual “rooms” that allow you to present multiple sessions at a time!

Keynote: A keynote speaker is often a recognizable name that acts as a “headliner” for your event. The Keynote is typically the opening remarks or presentation that sets the tone or theme of the event and motivates attendees.

Booths: Booths can refer to exhibit spaces for your sponsors or vendors. Virtual booths, which you can create in Markee, give your sponsors/vendors a space to upload documents and resources for your audience, engage with attendees on video or chat, and even create their own breakout rooms!

Run of Show: A run of show is a quick guide that helps keep everyone on your team aligned. Especially in the virtual space, it’s crucial to have timestamps, verbal cues, and other important information so that your planners, speakers, and virtual producers are all on the same page. (…and guess what?! In Markee, you can upload your run of show in a separate space that only the people YOU want to see it, can see it!)

Tech Lingo

API: This is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface, and it’s the portion of a website or application that allows other external applications to communicate and exchange data with it. Essentially, it allows apps to talk to and work with each other.

Stack: To be a bro about it, this is your tech stack, man! This refers to the whole kit and caboodle of programs you use to get your event off the ground – from planning to social media. We’d like to think Markee can significantly lower the amount of things in your stack, and that’s a good thing!

Integrations: Similar to API, integrations are apps that are friendly with each other and share information. While using a program’s API is a more manual process, a program that has integrations automates the information sharing process between itself and other apps/programs that they have a partnership with.

You can now go off and plan the crap out of your next virtual event or meeting! (And we’ll be here to help you every step of the way)

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