April 7, 2021

2 mins read

Virtual Meeting & Event Glossary Pt 1.

When it comes to online events, there’s a lot of lingo that’s thrown around – and we want to make sure that you’re in the know! In our next two blogs, we’ll go over all the buzzwords you need to know to hold a successful online event – or…at least fake it…

First, let’s get the overarching, super-basic definitions out of the way:

Online or Virtual Event: With a definition that won’t surprise you, online/virtual events take place fully in a virtual event, as opposed to a physical one. These events can either be live or on demand. Types of virtual events include webinars, webcasts, and online conferences.

Hybrid Event: This is an event that simultaneously has both in-person audiences and online audiences.

Online Event Basics

Streaming Provider: That’s us! This is the service that allows you to share live or pre-recorded video with your audience. At the most basic level, you’d be looking at services like Skype, Google Meet (formerly Hangouts), and Zoom. When holding an online event, as opposed to just an online meeting, you’re going to want a more robust streaming service, and that’s when you’ll start looking into…

Event Hub: That’s also us! This is just want it sounds like – the thing that handles everything that happens around the video stream. The entire online experience. Think of it as the venue for your virtual event.

Registration Form: Another simple one – this is literally where people register for your event. If this process is wonky, not mobile friendly, or requires a bunch of clicks, we’d recommend rethinking your registrations strategy, as you want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to convert. (Sales alert! With Markee, attendees can register right on the platform, no Eventbrite, Constant Contact or secondary program needed! Doesn’t get any simpler and more streamlined than that.)

Interactive Features

Live Chat: Most event hubs provide a place for online event attendees to chat amongst themselves and with the host. For non-networking events, like a webinar, this function is often turned off. However, this can be an amazing place for your audience to interact with each other, create community within your event, and even get real time feedback about your event. What a live chat isn’t great for, is Q&A…

Q&A: This is a place for your online attendees to leave their questions for your speaker to answer. Having this function as a separate widget allows for more organization than the just using the chat box. Often, questions that are not answered by the speaker are answered via text in the Q&A widget. With Markee, you get a Q&A widget included, no additional add-ons or third-party software needed!

Polls: Polls are where your audience can respond anonymously to previously set questions. For more interactive presentations, webinars or to get feedback at the end of an event, polls can be a key component to a successful online event! (Psst…we’ve got polls too – all built it, no matter what your plan!)

In our next blog, we’ll go over some general events lingo and how it translates to online events, and all the video terms you’ll need to know to look like a virtual event superstar!

No matter what kind of online event you’re planning, we think Markee can make it magical! Sign up here for a demo, and chat with one of our specialists about how we can help you customize your virtual event space!