April 12, 2022

3 mins read

Tips for Using Markee as the Ultimate Telehealth and Digital Collaboration Tool

Telehealth tools have achieved huge success in recent years as practices needed to continue healthcare services despite restrictions on in-person appointments. For years before the pandemic, digital health companies had been working to create platforms that would allow practices to reach patients remotely. Still, they had never imagined the effects of COVID-19 on traditional office work in addition to the patient-provider relationship. As a company born out of the pandemic, Markee marries remote working solutions with telehealth options to offer the ultimate telehealth and remote work collaboration tool for practices everywhere.

Optimize Your Workspace with Unique Personalizations

Telehealth providers on the market for years have disregarded how important it is for a practice to be able to fully customize their workspace to meet their unique needs. Creating a modern virtual practice – one that both faces the patients with a branded user-friendly interface and faces the practice as a remote-friendly platform – should not be hard for anyone involved. Markee is a modern remote work and health tool for forward-thinking practices.

With Markee, you can fully brand your client-facing virtual space to welcome and comfort your patients instead of intimidating or confusing them. All Markee pages are easily customizable with your brand logo and colors, and they are even compatible with your unique domain name so that patients can easily find your virtual practice.

Markee is a browser tool that does not require any downloads, and patients can be invited to their appointments without the need for registration on the platform. No more time wasted or confusion when downloading third-party software or trying to remember login information. Set up your workspace with your domain, personalize your pages with your branding, and send out custom URLs to patients for their appointments – it’s that simple with Markee.

Set Up Dedicated Virtual Rooms to Achieve Complete Organization

Because Markee is both a digital collaboration tool for remote offices and a user-friendly virtual practice platform for telehealth, the platform has all your bases covered. Members of your team will need to be registered users, but any outside users are able to sign in as temporary guests, simplifying appointments. In addition, every user in your office will receive a personal room that can be accessed for patient use, and patients are able to knock on their provider's room to see if they are available. Patients can even form a virtual “queue” outside the room if the provider is busy.

Markee works as a virtual collaboration tool by allowing teams to stay organized in specific channels and separate discussions among channels dedicated to taking brain breaks, handling patient cases, completing office tasks, and other work that keeps the practice running smoothly. Each practice can customize these channels to meet their exact needs, and each room allows for file sharing, scheduling meetings, video calls, and more.

With this new comprehensive organization and communication tool, your practice can keep all projects completely separated with searchable histories for conversations and files. You’ll no longer need to scroll back through disorganized chats or messy inboxes for that important message or file – you’ll be able to quickly find and access it at any time.

Get the In-Office Experience with Enhanced Teams Features

One of the biggest complaints about virtual work platforms is that they don’t smooth out the issues that often arise from remote work. Unlike traditional office work, remote employees have no easy way of keeping in tune with other team members. While digital communication like email, instant messaging, and video conferencing is available, they can be time-wasters and don’t fully bridge the gap. Markee hears these complaints and offers unique solutions.

With your new customized virtual practice, you’ll be able to see your entire practice in one dashboard – no more checking emails, chat boxes, or other third-party platforms for messages, files, and meeting requests. As easy as you could once look up from your desk and see your teammates, Markee allows you to see where all your team members are working on the platform at a glance. You won’t need to cold call or message them to ask for updates, and you can avoid accidentally interrupting them during an appointment or important meetings.

Make the Most of Your Remote Practice with Markee

COVID-19 has turned the healthcare industry upside down in more ways than one. If you’re a practice that needs more than just a video call tool to speak with patients, Markee is your answer to a comprehensive virtual practice that optimizes both your team’s productivity and your patients’ satisfaction.

With just a free trial of Markee, your practice can test out the platform with HIPAA compliant video chat, a personal meeting room, unlimited channels, and file sharing. You will also be able to customize your Markee interface so that your patients feel at home as soon as they arrive for an appointment!

Reach out to our collaboration experts to get more information or answers to your questions about our features. Give Markee a try today and become the virtual healthcare envy of your area.