June 9, 2022

3 mins read

Tips for having a successful teletherapy appointment

There is a first time for everything. For many people, first times are filled with doubts, awkwardness, fear, and a lot of reasons to hesitate. At the same, many individuals would testify that these negative emotions were replaced by sentiments of achievement, satisfaction, and pride after completing the new experience.

Having the first teletherapy session is the same. Several “what ifs” and concerns plague the mind. That’s okay. That’s normal. You can get over them. For most people, after getting over the anxiety of your first teletherapy session, you are already looking forward to the next one. As a provider, this is how you want your client to feel. You want them to have experienced a smooth first session, overcoming any negative emotions and making them excited to continue on with their teletherapy journey. If you use a reliable platform like Markee, there will be very little to worry about. As well as ensuring you have a high quality and secure platform like Markee, here are some things you can keep in mind to lessen your worries and prepare yourself for a successful teletherapy session.

Take notes

It pays to be ready. Teletherapy sessions mean having your questions and topics prepared beforehand. Take down a few notes about what you want to cover during the appointment. If you don’t have any initial thoughts or concerns, still take a pen and paper with you or any other devices you can use to keep a record of possible discussion points as the conversation with your client unfolds.

Be early

As the saying goes, “if you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late”. Running late brings anxiety and confusion that often derails the first part of your therapy session. By giving yourself an extra five minutes to get settled, warm up, check your notes, and deal with any technical difficulties, then you are increasing the chances of an effective session!

Check your devices

Instead of finding out in the middle of the session that your wifi isn’t strong enough, it’s better to know beforehand. Test your connection and find the perfect spot to avoid lags, delays, and disruptions. Check if your device is compatible with the app. Check your webcam and headphones as well. In Markee’s case however, since it is browser-based, you can access it through any device without worry. Our video quality is also best-in-class so you should be good to go!

Find good lighting

Since it is a virtual therapy, it lacks some cues that could be noticed in person. Having to mostly rely on visual and verbal leads, make sure that you have proper lighting. It’s best to have the light source beside or in front of you instead of having it behind you. Being against the light makes it difficult to see your face and expressions thus making non-verbal communication cues less effective.

Establish privacy

Make sure that you are free from distractions during the session. If possible, let family members or anyone else in the room, the house, or the building, not to interrupt during teletherapy. If you have children or pets, try to have someone watch them for while you are working. Where possible, hold the session in a closed room with no one else present.

Limit distractions

Having the session at home instead of an office makes you prone to several distractions - other people in the house, chores, children, pets, and many other things. If you’re expecting a delivery, let someone know in advance to get it for you or leave instructions to the delivery person in advance to leave it quietly at your door. If you’re expecting visitors, let them know in advance to wait outside or in the living room or set a time that is different from the therapy session appointment. When giving a session, make sure your phone is on silent, email notifications are disabled, and your focus is solely on your client. These are crucial steps to ensure you are providing the highest quality of care possible.

Use a secure platform

Because teletherapy includes private and sensitive information, make sure that you are using a HIPAA-compliant system. Markee is one of those platforms. Markee complies with privacy laws that protect your data and, when using our browser-based app, you can be assured that none of your information will ever be at risk in the present or the future.

Download Markee

There you go! It might sound like a lot but that is just to help you be at ease with your transition to becoming a teletherapy provider. The list isn’t a must but can be used as a guideline to help you give your clients the best possible service. You can choose to follow one or two, it’s all up to you. With Markee’s reliable and secure features, you are most likely to offer a comfortable and fulfilling experience. Sign up for a free 30-day Markee trial at https://markee.io.