July 29, 2021

2 mins read

Setting The Record Straight: Do you need a meeting? Or could this be an email?

No business can run without proper communication. Which mode of communication is most appropriate? We’re here to answer the age-old question: An email or a meeting? The simple answer is umm… both? The lines of communication must remain wide open for a company’s ideas and work to flow together and create those little joys we call products. Regardless of if the products are documents or actual physical beings, they all thrive with a little communicative nurturing.

Have you said it before?

There are items that are on the recurrent list that every employee, from the top to the bottom, should know by heart. These should be emailed. Do not drag tired, coffee-less individuals into the conference room for a short reminder about dress code, punctuality, or what not to flush first thing in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or ever. Email it, require responses, and move on. Except…

If it is new and a huge change, it needs a meeting. Make it fun, have coffee, and shortly discuss the changes. Allow time for questions and have some documentation available that outlines the changes, or email copies to everyone after the meeting has concluded.

Does it require a group decision to be made?

We are not talking about the list of food to bring to the next potluck. That can be emailed.

Business decisions should always require a meeting, either online or in person. You want to look into the faces of the people you are asking to decide the fate of the product or company to determine if anyone is hiding their feelings about the issue. Words can hide the actual thoughts of an individual, but their faces have signs that can alert you that something is not right for them. Then, a real discussion can be had about any trepidations.

Does it have to do with schedules or assignments?

Well, schedules made by the administration can be emailed. Employees that have issues with the schedule can bring it up in person, or email back. No real meeting needs to be announced for the five-minute handout.

If it is choosing who to assign to the project based on who wants the new account, product, or work, a meeting of the minds may need to take place. Include the minds best suited for the work and hash out who should do which part and by when. This way when the meeting ends, everyone knows their job and has a plan.

The Big Question: Is it worth wasting time over?

Face it, a forced meeting that delays work and forces employees to work overtime to regain the time spent listening is just not worth it. Time away from projects is not productive and will lead to a decrease in profitability. It’s important to gauge the cost of the two-hour-long meeting against the productivity of a five-minute email.

Lessons, upgrades, teaching new skills that will enhance the ability and skills of employees are worth the time. Do not let your employees be shorted on things that can make their lives easier and more productive, both personally and professionally. Also important: snacks. Do not forget to add snacks.

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