March 3, 2022

3 mins read

Markee vs Doxy: Telemedicine Made Simpler

With the rise in telemedicine and virtual medical services, remote and hybrid practices need a better solution for managing their everyday operations. Markee is a Doxy alternative that makes it easy to manage a remote or hybrid practice, host telemedicine appointments, and collaborate with colleagues in an all-in-one, virtual collaboration tool with many HIPAA-compliant features. Rather than acting as a tool solely for telemedicine calls, Markee converts your entire physical practice into a virtual workspace that mimics your typical in-office experience.

Why Is Markee the Ultimate Doxy Alternative?

There are hundreds of telemedicine tools on the market designed to convert physical healthcare environments into virtual workspaces. Many practices find it beneficial to include telemedicine in their services for a number of reasons–not only do some insurance providers waive copays for virtually hosted appointments, but telemedicine visits offer patients with busy lives the flexibility they need when booking appointments. Modern practices need a comprehensive, easy-to-use virtual workspace for doctors and patients alike to maintain optimal levels of efficiency and care.

Go Entirely Virtual

Markee doesn’t just make it simple to host telemedicine appointments online or communicate with patients–it converts your entire in-office experience into a virtual workspace. Markee’s intuitive all-in-one platform allows healthcare professionals to organize and share files, collaborate with colleagues, and personalize the digital office experience. Professionals on the team can instantly locate coworkers within the platform to view their availability and working status. Markee also recognizes the importance of privacy and boundaries amongst team members, so it includes a “door knock” feature allowing colleagues to alert a team member when they need their attention. With this feature, team members can request to enter not only video calls, but chat rooms and file folders.

Operate your Practice in a HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Workspace

Patient privacy and HIPAA compliance are standards we take very seriously. Every video chat is secure—our video calls are HIPAA-compliant and all file sharing is encrypted. Markee keeps you safe under a secure umbrella and doesn’t track any user behavior or personal data on the platform. Your files and private information remain yours, so you'll never have to worry about vague terms and conditions or unreliable security. At user request, we even destroy all copies of your files and information so you can tie up loose ends without liability concerns.

At the same time, Markee makes it quick and simple for external users like patients to join video calls, chatrooms, and see files. Unlike other platforms, Markee allows practices to connect their workspace to their custom domain and send a unique easy-to-read URL to patients for easy access to their appointments. In addition, while other platforms force offices to settle for branding and style of the platform as the default, Markee empowers practices to apply their own branding to their virtual workspace, making the environment more welcoming and cohesive for team members and patients.

Simplify Telemedicine With Markee

When choosing a virtual collaboration service for your unique team, you should settle for nothing short of a comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly software solution. Markee is the perfect Doxy alternative that practices can use to seamlessly transition among physical, hybrid, and fully remote work styles, collaborate with colleagues, and keep business operations running smoothly. With the rise in telemedicine and telehealth services, healthcare offices of every size need an all-in-one online solution they can trust to manage their appointments, share and organize files, and still meet the needs of every patient.

Markee offers a paid plan for healthcare clinics and offices that need a platform that will conform to their needs. Instead of charging you a flat fee for a number of seats that you might not use, Markee allows you to pay per team member. As a result, you’ll never pay for more seats than you need. Further, as your team size changes, you can easily add or remove seats.

If you’d like to give Markee a commitment-free try, the platform offers a free option with unlimited chat rooms, ample video chat time, and limited file sharing. When you’re happy with the high-quality, all-in-one collaborative environment Markee offers, you can upgrade to the monthly plan to unlock branding, unlimited video minutes, and 10GB+ of file sharing per team member. Don’t see a team size change in your future? Instead of paying month-to-month, sign up for an annual plan to save $60 per team member.

Get started for free to see how Markee is changing the future of telemedicine tools and making it easier than ever to collaborate with your team!