March 29, 2022

5 mins read

How to Make the Most of Telemedicine for Your Office

In the pre-pandemic age, doctor’s appointments like follow-ups, prescription refills, mental health services, and other routine needs still required an in-office visit. Depending on where you lived and your lifestyle, these visits would come with many inconveniences like expensive parking garages, stuffy waiting rooms, requesting time off, looking for childcare, and more. When in-person appointments came to a standstill, telemedicine took the driver’s seat, and it looks like we aren’t turning back. It’s time to make the most of what telemedicine can provide for your patients and your hybrid or remote medical office.

What Can Telemedicine Look Like for Your Office?

With telemedicine, you can practice medicine by utilizing technology to connect you with your patients, facilitate discussions, and even carry out routine exams. Telehealth measures can seem intimidating to both providers and patients who are not tech-savvy or have limited experience communicating with others through digital means. Like with other office changes in the past, you can be confident that your staff will learn quickly and run the office efficiently as long as you’ve invested in the right tools.

Thankfully, telehealth is very versatile because it is compatible with devices that most people have become comfortable using. Telehealth appointments can be done with the use of a mobile phone, computer, tablet, or even a landline. Most offices and patients prefer the video chatting option because it adds a level of comfort to the virtual visit–patients can see their provider and vice versa, making it easier to perceive body language, communicate ideas, and even demonstrate issues and proposed solutions.

Before choosing a telemedicine provider and the types of virtual visits you’ll allow, it’s important to figure out which features you’ll need to properly conduct all your patient visits. Telemedicine is ideal for doctor’s offices that specialize in services like speech therapy or mental health services, which often do not require physical examinations. All offices, however, can benefit from the flexibility of telemedicine, even if it is only available for certain visits such as follow-ups regarding lab work or discussions about prescription medications.

The Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Healthcare Providers

Aside from the convenience of telemedicine, there are many other benefits for both providers and patients. Most of all, telemedicine has made a huge difference in appointment attendance and office safety.

For example, virtual appointments are great for many who can’t afford to take time off or neglect other responsibilities in order to travel to and wait in an office. Without the planning and traveling necessary for in-person appointments, a patient can take the appointment from their couch while watching the kids, between meetings at work, or even (safely) in their car while they’re taking care of errands.

This convenience also reduces the likelihood of contagious people showing up at the office, sitting for long periods with other people in the waiting rooms, or touching high-contact surfaces. The coronavirus and other contagious diseases can now be kept isolated while healthy patients and staff feel safer in the office. This reality is especially critical for the chronically ill, elderly, immunocompromised, and pregnant who desperately need in-person appointments for physical exams.

For all these reasons and more, using a telemedicine provider will cause fewer cancellations for patients. Those who can’t afford or find childcare or cannot take off from work won’t need to–visits can be conducted during a short break or while at home. Those who suffer from chronic pain or illness that often keeps them from leaving the house will be able to access their provider in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Help Your Practice Make the Switch to Telemedicine

As with any big change, there will be pushback and concerns. Conducting healthcare services through devices can be a huge leap of faith for many practices and patients who have always relied on in-person visits. Markee is a digital communication tool that was created with the knowledge of how COVID-19 changed traditional office work permanently, so the platform is as user-friendly and comprehensive as a simple telemedicine platform can get.

Markee makes it simple and fast to transition your office into a virtual workspace and quickly onboard both staff and patients. The platform prides itself on being an all-in-one solution that organizes all your notes, meetings, files, and more in one place. Without any downloads or confusing tech maneuvers, your entire office and all your patients can access the space and appointments.

Further, you can create a professional and branded virtual environment with your office’s logo and brand colors. As soon as patients click on their appointment link, they’ll know they're in the right place waiting for their provider. Even better, the links you send will be easy-to-read URLs, not jumbled messes of 100 random characters. Your patients will enjoy stress-free access to their appointments without any downloads or sign-ins required.

Markee Is a HIPAA-Compliant Secure Digital Communication Tool for Telehealth

When it comes to telehealth, you cannot trust just any video calling platform on the market–HIPAA policies require that all communication with patients follows strict standards for sharing personal health information and using technology as the medium. As a result, you’ll need to invest in a digital communication tool that is specifically made for telehealth.

Markee understands the demands of HIPAA and your needs as a healthcare provider. We take patient privacy and HIPAA compliance very seriously, so Markee provides a secure video calling tool that you can use to safely conduct visits with your patients. The platform also doesn’t track or hold onto any data, and the chatrooms are encrypted. Any data you send or store is fully under your control–only you can access, see, or request for your data to be permanently deleted.

Reach New Heights for Your Office With Markee

Finding a telecommunication tool for an office also doesn’t have to be pricey. In fact, it should make you more money! Whether you run a private practice or a larger medical network, Markee believes that the future is remote work and telemedicine. With a monthly or annual cost that is cheaper than your office building’s rent, you can move into a hybrid or fully remote work environment while providing safer and more convenient appointment options for your patients. You’ll see your appointment cancellation or no-show rates suddenly drop, and you’ll even be able to start serving patients further away who couldn’t travel to meet you before.

It’s time to take your healthcare services to new heights. The convenience of telemedicine has been sticking with patients all over the country. Get started with Markee with a free trial or schedule a demo to find out how to make the most of telehealth.