June 15, 2022

3 mins read

Engaging Online Speech Therapy Techniques

Speech therapy has never been more accessible as speech therapists adopt new ways of providing their services online to remote clients quickly, effectively, and conveniently. Online speech therapists, however, face the difficulty of finding solutions to both mental and physical barriers to proper speech, and doing so virtually can be challenging at first. With research, practice, and an open mind, virtual speech therapists can utilize engaging online speech therapy techniques that will both better serve their clients and help them serve more people in need.

Translating In-Person Techniques to Teletherapy

The rising popularity of seeking speech therapy online has demanded that speech therapists learn how to translate their in-person routines and techniques into their new virtual practices. As a result, many therapists have sought out teletherapy training to improve their operations and their online services. Talk therapy can be more easily carried out over the phone or a video call, but speech therapists face the unique challenge of adapting existing physical in-person exercises to their virtual workspace.

Simply put, speech therapists with remote clients won’t be able to set up games or exercises physically for their visits. Instead, they’ll need to carry them out on the screen, whether that’s through sharing online resources or sticking to exercises they can show during the call without the client’s physical interaction.

To assist in this transition from in-person speech therapy to a virtual practice, some of the best engaging online speech therapy techniques are listed below.

Sharing Online Games for Speech Therapy

When you and your client cannot meet face-to-face, physical games become nearly impossible to use for the visit. Unfortunately, games make up a huge part of a speech therapist’s practice, but there’s hope – online games have been popular for as long as the Internet has existed, and there are now many games specifically designed for speech therapists.

Many online games used for speech therapy are popular games such as Hang Man, Battleship, Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, and more. In this technique, you’ll need to establish how you and your client will use the game. If you only share the link, the client will play the game on their screen and you will not be able to monitor their progress. A great solution is to enable screen sharing, where you or your client open the game and share the screen during the video call.

Downloadable Printables or Online Workbooks

Sending printable files or sharing access to a digital workbook with your clients is another engaging way to offer virtual speech therapy. Before your visit, you can prompt clients to print out activities for them to do during your call or between sessions. If you prefer to see their work on the screen, you can ask them to interact with these exercises while sharing their screen by using a digital document you created or found online.

“Boom cards” are one of the most popular ways to share exercises with your clients virtually. These cards are online exercises that prompt responses from the client and automatically grade them as they go. You can download premade boom card decks or create your own based on that client’s unique needs. While the client is going through the exercise, you can access immediate results without having to monitor or grade the client yourself, so they save you time and allow the client to progress faster.

Take Advantage of Group Calls

Online therapy has the unique advantage of allowing groups of people to come together that would not otherwise have been able to meet. If it is normally very difficult for a client’s support person to attend sessions, it is now more accessible for them to join the call whether they are with the client or using their own device. Speech therapists can also facilitate group speech therapy sessions with multiple clients who have similar difficulties and facilitate group exercises and games. With a sense of togetherness, empathy, and fun, speech therapists can make their online sessions engaging and effective.

Markee Provides an Engaging Experience for Virtual Speech Therapy

Online speech therapists heavily rely on SaaS providers to facilitate their online services to clients. When sharing resources, such as health information, downloadables, and links to games, it is confusing and disruptive to use multiple platforms or channels of communication. Creating the most comfortable and user-friendly experience for your clients is key to both their success and yours.

Markee was specifically designed to help therapists transition their in-person practice to a virtual one. All in one place, speech therapists can communicate with colleagues, schedule and attend calls, send messages, and share files. Client sessions can be offered on Markee’s secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing feature, and speech therapists can share resources with their clients in one accessible channel during their sessions. In addition, clients won’t have to register or download anything – Markee allows teletherapists to share readable URLs for instant access to virtual appointments.

To begin offering engaging online speech therapy techniques to remote clients today, start with Markee’s 30-day free trial.