August 25, 2021

2 mins read

Creating The Perfect Hybrid Work Space

It's no secret that the 'rona has changed everything about the way we work. We've adapted our work life, our workspace, and our work tech to ensure that we can work productively from home or from the office. As some of the workforce begins to return to the office full-time, a glaring issue has emerged.


You know what we're talking about. That room with the giant table, the big flat screen, the questionable decor, and the chairs that possibly haven't been updated since the office opened. Can we get a throw pillow in there? Why are the chairs always torture?

But seriously, ye olde conference room is no longer going to serve the needs of a workforce that has remote team members and in-person team members that are now acutely aware of germs and social distancing. So how do we create a meeting space that works for everyone?

1. Get rid of the giant table

Yes, they are traditional and stately, and probably cost a pretty penny. But no one wants to be squished in by their coworkers anymore, and as for the chairs? SEE ABOVE. They're awful and they need replacing. Now close your eyes and reimagine the space. A variety of seating and writing surfaces. A couple of smaller tables with new chairs; maybe even some scattered comfy chairs with side tables. Space. Space is now important. Specifically 3-6ft of space. Also, give people options; we all love options. That's why chips come in those variety packs!

2. Upgrade Your Tech

In the words of modern-day philosopher Beyonce, let me upgrade you. The conference room is no longer the place where technology goes to die. Is your screen from the 90's? (...or the "late 1900s," as the kids say.) Does the wifi signal gets weak once the door is shut? Those issues aren't going to cut it anymore. You want everyone to feel like they are in the room, including the remote team members, and that means putting your best tech foot forward. Boost your wifi signal to ensure your remote team members don't get dropped and your meeting isn't interrupted by connection issues. Put the best screen and audio in the room to ensure everyone is seen and heard. And (we're gonna toot our own horn here), switch from Zoom/GoToMeeting/Google Meet to Markee. Our virtual collaboration platform offers a custom solution that works seamlessly for you and your team, where you can share documents, take notes, chat and video conference all at the same time.

3. Keep it clean

Now that we've lived through a pandemic, many people are more mindful of germs, sanitation, and social distancing. It's super important to reflect that in your workplace, especially the places where people gather. Let's be real; people are gross. We’re made up of more foreign bacteria than our own cells! (Science is crazy, y’all.) So it’s important to ensure people feel safe in the meeting space. Make sure the space is not only cleaned regularly, but schedule sanitization services on a consistent schedule as well. Ensure that things like hand sanitizer, disposable masks, and tissues are readily available. These small additions can really help your in-office workforce to feel safe and comfortable when collaborating in an enclosed space.

Making these changes to your conference room setup will ensure that the meeting experience takes everyone’s needs into account and helps you keep your hybrid workforce healthy, happy and productive.

To see how Markee can help your hybrid or virtual workforce remain one big happy and sanitized family, grab a 14-day free trial and kick the tires before committing - no credit card needed.