June 21, 2021

2 mins read

Choosing a Communications & Collaboration Tool Shouldn't Feel Like Getting Branded

If you're using Zoom, Slack, or other communications tools for your newly hybrid business, they could be taking away from a key element behind it: YOUR brand! As you build your business and utilize a communications tool to connect with both colleagues and customers, many of these tools tend to shove their own brands in everyone's faces. That’s annoying, and we’re gonna fix it!

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When 3rd-Party Branding Overshadows Your Own

The many communications tools out there today are all about self-promotion—they want all users to be constantly aware that their tool is the one they're using. While tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting might provide services trusted by millions of users, their branding pushes their agenda, not yours. Your collaboration tools should make you and your team feel empowered, and not overwhelmed with loud logos, color schemes and watermarks.

The bottom line? Your sales, customer service, and client communication should be YOURS, not Zoom's.

Markee: A Tool That Gives Your Brand the Upper Hand

If you want your brand to shine whenever you're communicating with others, Markee makes sure that everything is about you, not us. Our communications tool lives on your domain, with your branding alone. (And that's standard, not an add-on!) You'll never see Markee's branding anywhere at any time, replacing it with your own to make our tool truly feel like your own.

Using Markee, you can optimize the vibe of your communications tool with your branding, including your own logo and color scheme. This can leave internal teams filled with pride as your brand shows prominence when communicating internally. You'll also have the ability to impress external customers and prospects as they see your brand whenever they communicate with you, whereas other tools could make your communications solutions feel generic and cheap. And when it comes to sales, generic and cheap are two very bad words!

Gain Total Control Over Our Tool to Make It Yours

To ensure our customers get everything they need to customize their space, we give them access to plenty of features. As soon as you sign up for Markee, you can change the colors, upload your logo, and make changes to fonts, themes, favicons, and other core branding elements. Is your business undergoing a rebrand that needs to be reflected across every platform? Easily make changes to any element within the app at any time, instantly, and then channel your inner Ina Garten with a "How easy is that!?" to impress your boss.

To provide you with added control, you can dig deeper into the tool using our custom code editor. Here, you can enter custom CSS that adds an even more personal touch to your communications.

Regardless of your brand design, Markee can help you achieve the look and feel you want with a tool that's incredibly easy to use and consistently reliable for communicating and collaborating internally and externally.

Don't Let Your Brand Fade Into the Background

Every business needs an effective communications tool they can trust to keep them connected, but we believe you shouldn't have to compromise your brand in the process. With the help of Markee, you can make use of a top-quality tool that can take the shape of your brand. You'll no longer have to see other brand names and logos stamped on every video conference or client meeting, which could otherwise make your brand feel somehow less important.

Want to find out more about how Markee can facilitate communications while representing your brand? Sign up for a demo today and we'll connect you with one of our specialists to help you create a customized virtual collaboration space.