March 17, 2021

2 mins read

Body Language Do’s & Don’ts for Video Meetings

If you weren’t already working remotely in precedented times, chances are you’ve hit peak video chat fatigue as we quickly glide past the one-year mark of unprecedented times. While it may be tempting to curl up on your couch, turn off your camera and go through the motions of another day of virtual working, it’s important to put on your best soft pants and professional shirt, and keep your body language in check. After all, there is one thing that hasn’t changed with the transition of in-person meetings to video conferences: nonverbal cues speak louder than words. We’ve put together this list of body language do’s and don’ts to help level-up your nonverbal communication game.

Woman laying on couch with laptop


Give yourself enough space between your face and the camera. You’ve put that nice shirt on, show it off! Rolling your chair back a bit allows you to fill up more space in the camera, and science tells us that taking up more space puts you a power position, causing others to perceive you as a leader and capable. Shoulders and arms can convey a wide range of emotions, so be sure they’re in frame to get your full point across. We won’t judge you if you practice those power poses in the mirror – you are your own best hype person!


Be all up in front of, over top or under your camera and appear as only a talking head/chin/nose. Framing yourself too close, while convenient if your background isn’t up to snuff, can appear aggressive, or that you don’t quite have this video meeting thing down yet. If you’re positioning yourself too close to your computer to ensure you can be heard with the internal mic, we’d suggest investing in an external mic to save your co-workers from a daily view of your nostrils.


Sit up straight! We like working from our bed or couch as much as the next person, but when it’s meeting time, get yourself in a chair. Having good posture during your video meeting signals that you’re paying attention, engaged, and energetic.

Woman looking bored in virtual meeting


Let your facial expressions get away from you. Are you the embodiment of the phrase “if my mouth doesn’t say it, my face will?” Even if you are on mute, you can say a lot with your face. While it’s not necessary to smile all the time, a moderate, neutral smile will go a long way in avoiding nonverbal miscommunication.

Giving yourself just a few minutes to collect your thoughts prior to a meeting will help you avoid some of these classic virtual meeting pitfalls, especially in these days of back-to-back video conferences. Your body language will take care of itself if you are truly relaxed – but knowing how to adjust during those stressful moments and present yourself professionally will help you conduct your virtual meetings like a pro, in unprecedented times or otherwise.

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