July 10, 2021

4 mins read

B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

Unfocused campaigns, inconsistent communication, and other counterproductive practices just won't cut it if you're looking to build the right B2B publicity for your firm. The bad news? You're probably making some of these major slip-ups with your lead generation strategy, which is costing you a lot in potential new business. The good news? You can easily correct some of the common gaffes and get on the right track. And lucky for you, we're here to help you!

Challenges faced by B2B marketers are widespread and there are many approaches to reverse any conscious or unconscious oversights.

We've put together a brief rundown of the common mistakes that businesses need to identify and reverse in order to close those deals and make that money!

A Vague Call to Action is a Lost Lead

A quick browse through online and offline marketing campaigns will reveal glaring lapses in the processes used in influencing new sales. Your Call to Action (CTA) is often overlooked in such scenarios.

Hot Tip: Never treat your CTA as an afterthought. If anything, this should be one of the most important aspects of your lead generation strategy!

Research shows that campaigns with a well-structured CTA may have up to 50% higher conversions than those with an indistinguishable or ambiguous CTA.

Make sure every marketing tactic that you implement guarantees a scheduled meeting, a sales call, or any other intended action.

Inefficient Communication Tools for Meetings

We are living in an era of convergent media. Using several web tools simultaneously is not just a general rule; it is a necessity for efficient communication with clients. In situations where you cannot physically meet with your potential clients for physical meetings, there are several tools that you can use for virtual meet-ups.

Avoid looking sloppy by always switching your virtual communication tools. Find a platform that can merge your correspondence and make it uniform across the board. This will ensure that your interactions are always consistent and do not confuse your clients. (You know where we're headed here, right? Markee does this!)

Markee allows you to add more value to your brand by offering a centralized meeting application that you can customize. This makes your communication much more streamlined and professional.

Stop 'Vanity Marketing'

Avoid spending time on marketing strategies that have no direct impact on your ROI.

It's not unusual to find a niche business advertising its services in a general business journal. This may seem like an obvious platform to create awareness but are you reaching the right audience? It's all about reaching the eyeballs that matter - not necessarily the most eyeballs.

It would be more practical to run an ad on a smaller niche platform that has a more targeted audience.

Spending too much effort on general awareness is likely to have a negative effect on your ROI.

In the same vein, it is also important to stop obsessing about 'vanity metrics' that do not hold much weight when matched with real analytics.

Bottom Line: Focus on real key indicators that you can draw conclusions from and help you build your business.

Snail-Paced Decision-Making

Have you ever had a meeting with a consulting firm and after what seemed like a fruitful meeting everything went quiet? The process normally starts with plenty of ideas about creating new leads for your company but days and even months go by without any meaningful work done. Ain't nobody have time for that!

Always implement lead strategies as soon as possible and make sure all decision-makers involved in the process are on the same page.

If you are finding it hard to move forward with your lead generation strategies quickly establish the problem and make the necessary adjustments.

Poor Implementation of Lead Strategy

In an ideal world, we all want short sales cycles are fast conversions. Unfortunately in the real world leads have to be nurtured so that when the need arises, you are at the top of a potential client's mind.

Every business venture wants leads but are you planning an effective lead generation campaign?

It's all about flexibility, baby! Clients have different needs at different times. It's hard to expect someone at the beginning of a sales cycle to be the same as another who's at the tail end. Sometimes going with an aggressive sales pitch will work against you based on the specific context and you may just lose a potential lead for good.

The key for effective implementation of a B2B lead campaign is to understand how potential clients choose their suppliers. Once you do this you can catch their attention early with relevant information that seeks to solve their problem. From here you guide them along by gradually introducing more detailed content.

This eventually steers potential clients towards a purchasing decision.

Inconsistent Virtual Brand Recognition

No surprise here. It's literally why we created Markee!

Your potential clients should never be confused by your brand identity. Your online presence should be a positive reflection of your company values. Add value to your online spaces by using tools that allow you to personalize your online profile.....like Markee.

All company-related content should be presented attractively without fluff. Consistency and clarity are the key principles to always adhere to.

Also when information is properly linked across various platforms, it guides potential customers through a logical course with mapped-out steps.

Why settle for crusty templates with no character when you can use an application that allows you to arrange your virtual space exactly how you want and add your branding?

Remember that the way you communicate is a big hint of what it's like to collaborate with you.

How We Can Help

You know we had to swoop in with a solution that fits your B2B campaigns! The market is flooded with convergent applications but where they fall short is in their ability to truly combine various tools to digitize sales and support structures.

Markee provides a cohesive platform that allows your company to offer video conferencing, text chat, document-sharing, and more, all in one place. Tweak it to suit your preferences and brand identity, and voilà! You can now own a perfectly organized virtual space that you can be proud of.

If you're ready to bring in those leads and make that money - click here and schedule a demo with our B2B sales master Josh.