September 8, 2021

2 mins read

Agency Life: Simplifying Client Communication

You’re feeling overwhelmed and totally out of control in your attempts to manage your agency’s clients. Emails, reports, links, agendas are everywhere and nowhere. Trying to find anything sends you to the proverbial haystack, only you need to look in multiple haystacks since you and your team are using multiple platforms. And now that everything is digital, keeping track of who’s who and what’s where leaves you feeling totally besieged. But keep breathing because there’s big time help on the horizon and its name is Markee!

Appoint one person to manage the client relationship

Some agencies have a big client services department, while others have no departments and everyone is everything to everyone. Either way, it can get crazy, especially when more than one team member is involved in a client relationship. Having a point person avoids the dreaded "stepping on toes" and makes sure that there is a single access point for information and communication. You what makes a great central communication hub, where that point person can input call notes, agendas, deliverables, etc? It's Markee, silly! We make it easy for an account manager to keep all team members abreast of what's going on with each client and keep everyone organized.

Make it about the relationship

Clients thrive on warm and fuzzy relationships with their agencies. They want to feel like you’re totally in it for them. How do you do this? Communicate, communicate, communicate. Hold one-on-one meetings on an ongoing basis with your key client contact. Keep the tone warm, but casually professional. You know what also makes clients feel the warm fuzzies? It's not the foosball table in your office or free fancy coffee. It's having a space that they feel like you've put together just for them. You'll look super profesh when all their client documents, agendas and deliverables are in the same spot as your video meeting - making you look like you've got it together, even when you're over caffeinated and definitely don't.


We can already hear you.... "Psh.. you don't KNOW me, Markee! I listen!" But do you really? Are you listening to the words your clients aren't saying? At the end of the day, the client relationship isn't about you - so stop talking! Take time to go over your deliverables, and understand what your client is actually saying with their feedback, which is not always communicated with the words they use. Give them some time to live with the work you've done and check in with them a few days later to see if their feedback has changed.

Keep client-side documentation in one place

Keeping your client related documentation in one place is all about streamlining. Not only that, but keeping it in the same space where you communicate dramatically decreases the chances of you having a client-facing meltdown because you've lost/forgotten/didn't know whatever it is your meeting about. Simplification cannot happen without organization, and organization is simplified with Markee. (...did we just come up with a new tagline?! That's an Insta-worthy quote if we ever saw one!) Getting rid of all the other apps/products you use to collaborate and communicate and bringing it all to Markee ensures that there's no confusion as to where things are, where you'll meet, and which deliverables go with which client. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy is the industry-standard term, we believe.

Now that you know how to improve and simplify your workflow and communication, put the rubber to the road and sign up for Markee’s free 14-day trial. You’ll be glad you did, and your clients will be glad you did, thus making your boss glad you did.'re welcome in advance for that promotion we're about to get you.