April 22, 2022

3 mins read

5 Benefits That Make Markee Perfect For Teletherapy

People who seek therapy may share some similarities, but their circumstances, lifestyles, and priorities vary immensely. There are people who are limited in their ability to seek treatment because of physical disabilities, rural locations, lack of time, or financial hardship. By operating a fully remote practice, or offering a telehealth option, you will help to meet the needs of a more varied set of patients. If you already run a remote or hybrid practice, or are actively considering this transition, then read on to see how Markee will make you the best in the business.

1. High Video Quality

“Can you see me?” or “you are lagging,” are exchanged back and forth between callers throughout a session in many video conferencing tools. Unlike competitors, Markee is best in class in terms of video quality. This alleviates unnecessary technical difficulties, allowing care providers to focus on actually providing care.

The video component of teletherapy is vital to the entire experience. No matter how good a therapist is, they will be overshadowed by terrible platform features. Given the sensitive nature of the service, video quality issues shouldn’t cause disruption. Markee helps the session carry on as naturally as it would in person.

2. Internal Communication Tool

While there are plenty of options for virtual communication, very few focus on telehealth specifically. Currently, multiple tools are needed to meet client demands as well as internal collaboration. With Markee, it already has built-in features specifically designed for teletherapy. So save the DIYs and opt for the integrated Markee platform!

Other platforms are also not meeting the needs of their teletherapy users because of the lack of HIPAA compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) helps protect and secure a patient's healthcare data or Protected Health Information. Many established players in the remote working space, such as Slack and Teams, do not offer HIPAA compliance and therefore do not have patient security at the forefront of their priorities. Opt for Markee for a tool that is specifically designed to meet your needs as a provider and your clients’ needs as patients.

3. Data Protection

As we all know, signing up for health services requires endless paperwork and questionnaires. This paperwork tends to involve a lot of personal information such as your name, address, birthdates, civil status, etc. Also, over the course of therapy sessions, more and more personal information comes to the surface. In traditional settings, absolute confidentiality is promised and assured, making clients feel fully comfortable. Markee believes that confidentiality should not be compromised when a provider moves virtual.

As part of that commitment, Markee offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA.) This is not offered by some players in the digital communications space, such as Slack, meaning that you can be responsible for any data breaches that occur through their platforms. At Markee, we recognize that this is an unfair burden to place on providers and their clients and so we offer a BAA to take the burden of any liability.

4. Availability of Support

One of the challenges in the therapy world has always been helping clients to overcome the stigma associated with receiving professional support. Some people, who could benefit immensely from the service, avoid seeking help as a result of this stigma. Teletherapy is one way to help clients overcome this anxiety as they are able to receive support without even needing to leave their home! The benefit of Markee as a web-based platform means that clients can attend sessions wherever they feel the most safe and at ease, be it their own home, a friend’s house, or even a hotel room.

5. Hassle-free Web-based Platform

As well as offering incredible flexibility to clients, Markee’s web-based platform also offers a greater level of privacy as a friend or family member borrowing a laptop will never be able to see or open up the application on the desktop. For the provider, Markee’s web-based operating system means that they never have to worry about disrupting update installations or computer storage issues. Finally, for both providers and clients, web-based applications are more user-friendly than their desktop counterparts as they are much easier to customize and integrate with other systems. Downloaded applications are old hat, so join Markee in the web-based world of 2022 and beyond!

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In every aspect, Markee is designed for the convenience of use in the telehealth space. The privacy it offers, the integrated features, the ease of access, and the data protection make it perfect for teletherapy. Gone are the days when people needed to physically travel to receive the support they needed. With Markee, everyone can access the quality of teletherapy that they deserve. If you ever have trouble with our platform, Markee’s support services are available via email and video call, and have a speedy response time.

Get started for free to see how Markee is changing the future of telemedicine tools and making it easier than ever to collaborate with your team!