Built Around Community

Markee is a creative, cost effective and more engaging advertising option than big tech or traditional signage advertisers.

Sponsored content Maximum impact

Markee’s ad network is made up of local partners exclusively. This means your ad spend isn’t competing with box or global competitors and every penny counts.

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Beyond just Commercials

Markee mixes in exciting content built around the community and can be sponsored a variety of ways. Videos and ads are 100% local, upbeat and occasionally interactive, and never “big tech” or “big box”.

Better Engagement

Tired of seeing generic search and banner ads? In the creator economy, sponsored and branded content keeps users engaged up to 3x more than direct ads.

Cost Effective

Youtube and similar advertisers charge up to $30/1000 views excluding the cost of content production. Markee produces the content at no charge and costs 33% less.

Active Audience

Trying to build foot traffic or engagement? Research shows customers who physically frequent one local business are 6x more likely to engage ads for other local businesses.

A plan for everyone

Choose a plan that works for your business

Brand awareness

$448 / month

  • Sponsor original content made locally, eg. Mini docs, kids programs, non-profit spotlights
  • 10,000 Ad views per month
  • 6 month minimum engagement

Call to action

$1,488 / month

  • 90 second mini documentary about your business.
  • 20,000 Ad views
  • Primetime placement
  • 6 month minimum engagement

Interactive Sponsor

$2,500 / month

  • Quiz content, raffle and product highlights
  • Best rate of return